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PowerISO registration code & activation

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PowerISO is a shareware, you can evaluate the software whether it suits your needs. The trial version can not create or edit image file greater than 300MB.  If you want to remove the limitation, you need buy PowerISO registration code (or license code), and activate PowerISO with the registration code. PowerISO will become full functional and all limitations will be removed after activated.

Buy PowerISO registration code (license code)

To buy PowerISO, please visit PowerISO order page (https://www.poweriso.com/order.htm) , and send the payment through PayPal or MyCommerce. After you purchase PowerISO, you will receive PowerISO full version and registration code or serial key code by email.

If PowerISO trial version has already been installed, it will prompt you to registered each time when it runs. PowerISO opens order page after you click "Order online...". You can then purchase PowerISO serial key code in the order page.

Activate PowerISO with registration code

If you have already purchased PowerISO, and received PowerISO serial key code, you can then activate your PowerISO. Please follow the steps to unlock PowerISO with the registration code,

  • Download and install PowerISO if you haven't install it. 

  • Run PowerISO from the start menu. A dialog will popup prompt you to register.

    Click "Enter registration code..." button.

  • PowerISO registration dialog will popup. Enter the user name and serial code you have received by email, then click "OK".

  • If the user name and registration code or serial key is correct, you will receive a message, "Thank you for your registration". You have now successfully activated PowerISO!



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