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View drive and disc information

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With PowerISO, you can view detailed drive and disc information. With these information, you can determine the drive type and capability, the disc type and status.

The drive information includes the following,

  • Drive manufacturer and model

  • Firmware version, serial number, data time, and buffer capacity

  • The list of read supported media and write supported media

  • The list of supported read speed and write speed.

The disc information includes the following,

  • Disc type and manufacturer

  • Number of sessions and tracks in the disc

  • Used space and available free space

  • The list of all tracks in the disc

From the information, we can get answers for the lots of questions:

  • Is the drive ROM, Combo, or writer?

  • Is the disc writable?

  • Is the disc empty, closed? ...


To view drive and disc information, please follow the steps,

  • Run PowerISO, and select "Tools > View drive / disc information..." Menu.

  • A dialog will popup, showing the drive list and the information of currently selected drive. You can choose the designed drive from the list.

  • To view the disc information, click the "Disc information" page. You can also get the detailed information about all tracks in the page.

    If the disc status is incomplete, you can append files to that. If it is finalized or closed, you will not be able to write any files to it. 


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