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Rip CD to APE Files

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The APE file format is a lossless compression format for musical files. The format is developed by Monkey's Audio. It is similar with FLAC file, but is not so popular as FLAC, and can not be played on lots of modern audio players. You can use PowerISO to rip ape files from CD.

  • Insert Audio CD in the drive, run PowerISO, and select "Tools > Rip Audio CD" Menu.

  • The "Open drive" dialog shows. Select the drive which holds the disc you want to rip, and click "OK".

  • PowerISO shows CD Ripper window, and list all tracks in the disc.

Select the audio tracks which you want to rip, and click "Rip" button on toolbar.

  • PowerISO shows ape ripper dialog. 

    Select the output folder, and set the output format to APE. The output file mode can be multiples files or single file. If multiple files mode is selected, each track will be ripped to a separate APE file. For single file mode, a single APE and cue file will be created. The cue file contains information about all tracks, while APE file contains real compressed audio data. 

  • To change the APE ripping settings, please click "Config..." button. The "fast" compression is fastest, but the file generated is largest, while "Insane" compression is slowest, but file generated is smallest. Click "OK" to exit the "APE Encoder" dialog.

  • Click "OK" to start ripping ape files. You can see the progress information during ripping.


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