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Rip Audio CD to Musical Files

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An Audio CD is a copact disc which stores sound information in its tracks. It is just like the CDs you buy in a store. It can be played in standard audio CD players, DVD players, and computer CD-ROM drives. The music data stored in Audio CDs are in uncompressed format. Usually, an Audio CD can have a maximum length of 74 minutes.

You can rip Audio CD with PowerISO, which means that you can copy songs from Audio CD to your computer. Thus you can make a backup of your favrite CDs. The ripped file can contain compressed or uncomressed audio data, depending on the file type selected. PowerISO supports ripping Audio CDs to mp3, ape, flac, ape, or wav files. Among of them, mp3 and wma stores audio data in compressed format, which may bring slightly loss in sound quality, but can significantly decrease file size. While FLAC, APE, and WAV are lossless musical file formats, which produce larger file when ripping, but will not bring any sound quality loss. 

You can also copy the Audio CD to BIN / CUE file, thus to make an exact sector-to-sector copy of the source disc. The BIN / CUE files can be stored in your computer, and when needed, they can be used to replicate the Audio CD. Click here for detailed procedure to copy cd to BIN / CUE files.

Please follow the steps to rip an Audio CD,

  • Insert the Audio CD into the drive, Run PowerISO, and select "Tools > Rip Audio CD" Menu.

  • A dialog will popup to prompt you select drive. Select the drive which holds the disc you want to rip, and click "OK".

  • PowerISO shows CD Ripper window. It will list information about all tracks in the disc. Select the audio tracks which you want to rip, and then click "Rip" button on toolbar.

  • PowerISO shows cd ripper dialog. 

    Enter the output folder, and select the output format from the list. The output format can be mp3, flac, ape, wma, or wav. 

    The default file name format is "<Track Number>-<Track Title>.<ext>", you can change the file name format by clicking the down arrow button.

The output file mode can be multiples files or single file. If multiple files mode is selected, each track will be ripped to a separate musical file. For single file mode, a single musical file and cue file will be created. The cue file contains information about all tracks, while the musical file contains real compressed audio data. 

To change the audio encoder settings, please click "Config..." button. The available settings varies depending on the output file format selected. If you are not sure what the settings mean, just keep them untouched.

  • Click "OK" to start ripping musical files. A dialog will popup showing the detailed progress information. After the operation completes, you can find the ripped files under the specified output folder.


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